Autumn Panorama With River

This photo was taken last weekend near Estonian-Latvian border. Unfortunately there is no Latvia on this picture (it’s about one kilometer to the right). The problem wasn’t that there was no view but that there was strong wind and drizzling rain straight to the face and lens. On the picture the haziness of the far distances is also because of rain.

On the picture you can see somewhat typical Estonian autumn with yellow leaves and some rain. The river on the right is Mustjõgi (Black river) that about after a kilometer flows to the Koiva river that for over 20 km is the border river between Estonia and Latvia.

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  1. Nice landscape shot. I love the distance-haze. Rain can create beautiful pictures and there are too few shot in bad weather if you ask me. But of cause it’s more comfortable for the photographer and his equipment if the wather is fine.

  2. Beautiful landscape shot.

    JJ 😀

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