This is my second disposable camera. After the first one I thought I didn’t want to have anything to do with them anymore, however, I got this one for free, almost, so I figured I’ll take some shots and later on see, what it’s built. I have to admit that this camera was capable of taking pictures with quite tolerable quality.

From underneath the flowery sticker appeared gray plastic body, made of two sides. After some trying I got the camera open and was somewhat surprised. The circuit board that accompanied flash seemed bit too high tech, but then again, it was the most complicated part of the camera – taking apart the rest and putting it back together for the first time was only the matter of few minutes. There was not a single screw in that camera. Shutter was a simple piece of tin which was opened by a big and shut by a small spring. Everything that could be made of plastic, was made of plastic, including lens, which, as I mentioned before, had a surprisingly sharp center. Hopefully the photos will speak for themselves.

Here are pictures taken with disposable cameras.

Here’s also a short video about the same camera.

Edit: 28 January 2013
Just made a second video about a single use camera, this time stop motion animated. This camera was more flimsy but surprisingly had a dual element lens.

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