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Boats on the River

Small harbor in the town Mustvee, by the lake Peipsi in the Eastern Estonia. Photo is taken with the Lubitel.

Milk Platform

In the soviet time there were this kind of milk platforms by the roads all over the Estonia. Farmers brought their milk to these milk platforms and then…

Woman by the Lake

This photo is taken with the redscale film and it should be red but as you can see, it isn’t. The frame is totally over exposed and I…

Lake Arbi at Elva

Elva is a small town in Southern Estonia and lake Arbi is a small lake in the middle of the town. This big empty building on the photo…

Lake Before Rain

Another shot with redscale film. Photo is taken with the Lubitel.

No. 8

Another shot with a redscale film. This time by the railroad and I have no idea what does this sign/post no. 8 mean. Photo is taken with the…

Lake With Redscale Film

This photo is shot on film and no digital effects are applied. The technique to achieve such result is called redscale. It’s actually quite simple – you just…

Old town of Tallinn

A cross processed version of the roofs of the old town of Tallinn. Photo is taken with the Certo-phot.

Poppies and a Fence

A cross processed photo taken with a very simple camera. Photo is taken with the Certo-phot.