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Lake Arbi at Elva

Elva is a small town in Southern Estonia and lake Arbi is a small lake in the middle of the town. This big empty building on the photo…

Sokos Hotel Viru

In the center of Tallinn. The were only couple of hotels in Estonia during soviet time and hotel Viru was one of them. Photo is taken with the…

Old House

From a distance it may look that the house or photo has messed up perspective. Actually, as you may see, the building is just falling down.

Empty Shop Windows

Photo is taken with the Kiev 4m.

Modern Architecture vol 2

One new house in Tartu.

High Voltage Masts

Photo is taken with disposable camera.

Grader on Train

Photo is taken with disposable camera.

Abandoned building

Photo is taken with disposable camera.

Shopping Center (developed with coffee)

This photo is from my second film that I developed with coffee. I tried to avoid the mistakes I did with the first film but the result is…