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Spruces and building

Last photo (or should I say photos) of the film. Photo is taken with Zenit 3M.

Building Wrapped in Plastic

A diptych from the test film with another half-frame camera, the Fed Mikron. I bought this camera as a spare but it turned out working 🙂 If you’re…

Tree, Building and Autumn

High contrast cross processed photo taken with Agfa Clack. Redish area on the right is another light leak. Photo is taken with Agfa Clack.

Last Days of the Building

This building near Tartu city center is being demolished to make room for a new AHHAA Science Center. [photodata]

Old Storehouse

This kind of buildings made of clay are quite common in southern Estonia. I think that this particular building was a barn in the beginning. Probably in the…

Orange Crane on a Bridge Building Site

There’s a river called Emajõgi (which is something like “Mother River” in Estonian) flowing straight through Tartu but there are only three bridges for cars and two for…

Column of the Shopping Center

This is a column of the shopping center of Tartu. Some might say that this kind of columns around the square building are the best part of this…