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Just a colorful composition.

Lawn Daisy

Tiny flower from my parents’ lawn. If they’re small, then they’re red and if they’re full grown, then they’re pinkish white. This one is something in between.

Yellow Flower

Just a simple yellow flower from my parents garden.


Finally it’s spring. White crocuses in the botanical garden of Tartu.

Dried Rose

A rose that a friend got for the wedding a year ago. The rose is dried, the love is still fresh…


One of the several different color lupins that grow around my house.

Tulip After Rain

I recently found a picture from last spring. At first I thought was too hazy but now I like it. [photodata]

Wedding Decoration Rose

Next morning after the wedding, this rose was sitting on the window sill of the breakfast hall. The day before it was a part of the wedding decoration,…

Little Bug on Dandelion

Can’t say what bug it was or what it was doing, but there it was. Actually it was so small that on the first dandelion pictures I didn’t…