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Walking path in the Endla Nature Reserve

It is the first frame of the film and part of if was overexposed, so I cut it to the square. Photo is taken with the Zenit 312m.

Summer Clouds

… and a small road in southern Estonia. Photo is taken with the Zenit 312m.

Snail Shell

On the road. I didn’t check was the snail at home or not… Photo is taken with the Zenit 312m.

Lake Ähijärv

The lake is located in the Karula National Park in the southern Estonia. This one is actually quite big compared to the other small lakes around it. Photo…

Best Shot of the Film

Yes, this is the best shot of the film. Sad, but true. I was prepared for light leaks and as you can see, there are light leaks but…

Signpost and Branches

I don’t know why I focused on the branches. Next time I’ll do better. Photo is taken with the Kiev 4m.

Town Lights Over the River

The river Emajõgi and Tartu of course. And if you look very carefully you may also see one warm and soft spring evening. Photo is taken with Kiev…

Late Evening on the River

It was very warm and beautiful spring evening. It was a bit too dark but I had only a few shots left, so I took a couple of…


First shot of the film, long exposure, no tripod and color negative film developed with black and white developer. Photo is taken with the Fed 2.