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Frost in Marsh

Look at these big frost crystals! Photo is taken with Zenit 3M.

Sunset in Marsh

It was very simple sunset. No red sky, no pink clouds, just Sun setting. Photo is taken with Zenit 3M.

Old tree in Luke Manor

Second photo form Luke park. In the building on the back was small school until 1971. By the way, it wasn’t the main house of the manor; the…

Autumn in Luke Manor

Reminds me a fairytale, probably with an evil witch in it but definitely with happy ending. Photo is taken with Zenit 3M.

Straws in Autumn

Sometimes to get a good nature photo you don’t have to go out of town. Photo is taken with Zenit 3M.


Another photo from the test roll of Fed 2. My sister on my birthday. She’s not sad, just thinking… Photo is taken with Fed 2.

Jawa 350

I took this picture with old Russian camera Fed 2. Actually this is the very first picture with this camera. I didn’t know if the camera is working…