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Another Sunset

Lake After the Sunset

Same lake as on yesterday’s photo, just few minutes and couple of hundreds meters later.

Sunset Over the Lake

Couple of hours ago I was in the middle of the forest and trying to get out. Before that I photographed in the marsh and forest was quite…

Evening by the Lake

It may look like the sea but it’s still lake Peipsi. It was very warm and soft light this evening and I almost managed to catch it.

Pink Plastic

On the shore of lake Peipsi.

Tracks on Ice

I think these were skiing tracks over a small lake near Tartu.

Spring Colors

Different variations of green.

Shell on the Shore

An empty shell on the shore of the lake Peipsi.

End of the Boat

I found these remains of the boat on the shore of the lake Peipsi. I wonder what happened to the owner that he/she left the perfectly good boat…