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Black & White in Color

That was a big surprise to discover this photo. I’m sure that I had a black and white film in the camera but on the picture you can…

Concrete Columns

These columns are somewhere in the South-Estonia, just in the middle of nowhere. Sadly you can find this kind of Soviet time relicts almost everywhere in Estonia. Fortunately…


Framing isn’t the best but since it’s one of the first photos with the Lubitel, I think it’s ok. And I like the steps on this picture. Photo…

Sprinkling Can and Firewood

White area in the lower left corner is caused by the leaking light. Even though it doesn’t appear on every photo, I should use black tape around camera…


Just trees… Photo is taken with Lubitel.

Another Birthday Photo

This picture is taken late at night on my birthday. I think that explains the composition but the friend is still in the focus 🙂 Photo is taken…


Railroads in Tartu, less than kilometer from the railroad station. Photo is taken with Lubitel.

Autumn Colors (in Black and White)

Isn’t it strange, that in Tartu you may find this kind of places even not far from the main streets? Photo is taken with Lubitel.