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Eggs (colored)

From a close distance


Not the sharpest photo and maybe you have to use your imagination, but believe me, it is a lamp. The photo is taken with reversed Helios 81H and…

Lawn Daisy

Tiny flower from my parents’ lawn. If they’re small, then they’re red and if they’re full grown, then they’re pinkish white. This one is something in between.

Yellow Flower

Just a simple yellow flower from my parents garden.

Tiny Grasshopper

I was looking for flowers for macro photos when I found this very young grasshopper. It was about 0.5 cm long and almost invisible from the distance.

Little Bug on Dandelion

Can’t say what bug it was or what it was doing, but there it was. Actually it was so small that on the first dandelion pictures I didn’t…

The Portrait of a Bud

The picture is taken in the botanical garden of Tartu and the bud belongs to woolly willow (Salix lanata). I don’t have a macro lens yet, so I…