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Signpost and Branches

I don’t know why I focused on the branches. Next time I’ll do better. Photo is taken with the Kiev 4m.

Empty Shop Windows

Photo is taken with the Kiev 4m.

Milk Truck at Night

Photo is taken with the Kiev 4m.

Summer Night in Park

Summer night’s dream in the winter…

Street out of focus

This photo is from test roll with Kiev 4M and is an example of what happens if you forget to focus. It was late in the night and…

Lonely light in the night

It wasn’t so late but the town was empty. Photo is taken with Kiev 4m.

Leaves or Bats?

These maple leaves around the Moon look almost like bats. Maybe not the sharpest photo but I couldn’t stop the wind…

Chimneys at Night

Last summer I saw these chimneys in a very cool light with even cooler smoke but I hadn’t time or a tripod. Some days ago I went back,…

Playground After Midnight vol 2

This is the same playground as on the last picture. Only a couple of minutes later. The climbing ropes make crazy pattern.