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Ahja River

Under the railway bridge.

Canoeing vol.2

The river is Koiva, on the right is Estonia and on the left is Latvia. The camera was one of the cheapest and crappiest point and shoots I…

Canoeing With Friend

I couldn’t find my waterproof camera, so the photo is taken with one of the cheapest and crappiest point and shoot camera I have.

River Emajõgi

After I got the Accent MX-V camera, I searched for more information and all I got was that the camera is a junk camera. Now I’m looking at…

Town Lights Over the River

The river Emajõgi and Tartu of course. And if you look very carefully you may also see one warm and soft spring evening. Photo is taken with Kiev…

Late Evening on the River

It was very warm and beautiful spring evening. It was a bit too dark but I had only a few shots left, so I took a couple of…

Early Morning on River

River Emajõgi before the sunrise.

Bicycle Behind the Tree

Strange that lower parts of the images are sharper than upper parts… Seems that I have one more camera to repair. Photo is taken with the Lubitel 166B.

Screw Heads

Maybe it’s hard to believe but this is in the middle of Tartu.