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Tartu is Sinking

In the center of Tartu a handrail leads to the river.

Pegasus in Water

Stone Pegasus on a parking lot near river Emajõgi standing in the water now. Photo is taken with video camera.

River on Sidewalk vol 2

Same river Emajõgi, same sidewalk, different angle…

River on Sidewalk

River Emajõgi in Tartu is full of water, so full, that it already floods the sidewalks.

Spring Near Tartu

A bit manipulated…

Tartu in Winter

Try to find ten differences between this picture and the photo in here. Photo is taken with Zenit 3M.


Found some more pictures from the last summer’s trip to Finland. Hope you like them.


Nightclub and restaurant called Atlantis in the center of Tartu. Strange that old cameras take pictures that also look old… Photo is taken with Chaika II.

Cows in the River

Last week I went canoeing and bought a disposable camera in case I happen to fall into river. That didn’t happen but the pictures I got were with…