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Noctilucent Clouds

Darkest moment of the summer night in Estonia.

Small Road in the Forest

The light was very magical and I’m happy to see it also on the photo. Photo is taken with the Ricoh KR-10 Super.

Lemon on the Road

In Estonian word “tee” means both road and tea, so in Estonian I can say about this picture also tea with lemon 🙂

Cold Winter Day

HDR version of a small country road at winter.

Summer Clouds

… and a small road in southern Estonia. Photo is taken with the Zenit 312m.

Small Road in Summer Afternoon

Just before winter I give you a landscape from last summer. In the background you can see the second hilliest part in Estonia – upland of Otepää. [photodata]

Morning on an Empty Road

Early-morning photo taken on a summer morning in Southern Estonia featuring empty road and fluffy clouds.