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On the north coast of Estonia on 24th of July.

Sea Bay Before Rain

On the north coast of Estonia, near village Käsmu.

White Wave

Beach and waves in the most windiest place in Estonia – Ristna peninsula at island Hiiumaa. I wonder how’s the sea there when it’s stormy…

Old Juniper Before Sunset

On the island Hiiumaa, there are lots of junipers and a sunset every evening (unless it’s cloudy).

Through the Window

On the island Hiiumaa, there are many ruins from the soviet time. This one belonged to the border guard, you may see the sea on the background.

Moon Over the Sea

Couple of weeks ago on island Hiiumaa.

Small Lighthouse on an Island

You may see this picture on a way to the Estonian second biggest island Hiiumaa.

Small plant

In the sea.

Finland and Security Camera

Leaving Finland.