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Very Minimalistic

Arc of the Bridge

A bit unusual angle of the bridge Vabadussild in Tartu.

Branches Mirroring on Water

Is it upside down or not?

Over the Fence

… is sky

After Sunset

I took this photo with sunset mode, just wanted to know how it works. The result is quite cool even though the real sky wasn’t so red.


Something more colorful from the last spring. Photo is taken with the Zenit E.

Birch and Cloud

Minimalistic picture of a dead birch and lonely cloud, taken with polarized filter. [photodata]


When I was driving home the sky got cooler as the Sun was setting. Unfortunately I had no time to drive around and search for a better spot…


People tend to like sunrises, sunsets and pictures of them, so, here’s one. The photo is taken from the watch tower on Harimägi, a hill about one hour…