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Hotel Berliner Hof

In Berlin, Germany, of course


And television tower.

Kid with style (and a scooter)

Quick snapshot in Vienna, Austria.

Dog and Legs

At night on a street.

Lonely Black and White Cat

Some people claim that the Internet is made of cats, but that is not true, because I know that the Internet is made of wires and computers and…

Old Town of Tallinn

One small street in the old town of Tallinn. The church on the photo is church Oleviste, that was on the 16th century one of the highest in…

Early Spring in Tartu

Photo is taken with the Yashica-D.

Parking Sign

In the evening, after the thunder storm. Photo is taken with the Ricoh RK-10 Super.

First Polaroid

Polaroid, finally. I got the Polaroid with other cameras and I had no idea is it working or not. It was covered with dust and some paint drops…