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Old Juniper Before Sunset

On the island Hiiumaa, there are lots of junipers and a sunset every evening (unless it’s cloudy).

The Sun Through the Clouds

About an hour before the sunset.

Four Suns

Sun and a sundog (mock sun) reflecting in marsh.

Sunset Over the Lake

Couple of hours ago I was in the middle of the forest and trying to get out. Before that I photographed in the marsh and forest was quite…


Yesterday, near Tartu.

Sun, Winter & Snow in Tartu

This is the very first shot with the Kodak Brownie Junior Six-20 – a very primitive, old and cheap camera. And seems that sometimes some simple and old…

Winter in Forest

First day of the year… Photo is taken with Smena 1.

Sun Through the Trees

Could you imagine that behind these trees is the biggest intersection in Tartu? Photo is taken with Zenit 3M.

Sunset in Marsh

It was very simple sunset. No red sky, no pink clouds, just Sun setting. Photo is taken with Zenit 3M.