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Fallen Spruce

Cat vs Woodpecker vol. 4

Last photo of the series. After that the woodpecker flew into bushes. The story behind this photo and the beginning of the series is here.

Curious Cat Under the Tree vol. 2

The bird was so interesting that the cat had to watch it closer.

Curious Cat Under the Tree

Neighbors cat watching a bird (the bird was higher and is not on the photo).

Sunset Through the Tree

Dead Pine After Sunset

Dead pine in the marsh and thunderstorm clouds on the background. Tonight, just after the sunset and before the midnight.

Bicycle Behind the Tree

Strange that lower parts of the images are sharper than upper parts… Seems that I have one more camera to repair. Photo is taken with the Lubitel 166B.

Tree in Water

A wet side of the spring – tree standing in the flood.

Spring Near Tartu

A bit manipulated…