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Signpost and Branches

I don’t know why I focused on the branches. Next time I’ll do better. Photo is taken with the Kiev 4m.


Just a random snapshot after my car broke down in the middle of the forest.

After Sunset

I took this photo with sunset mode, just wanted to know how it works. The result is quite cool even though the real sky wasn’t so red.

Frosty Trees

… and a bit funny house in Tartu. Photo is taken with the Kodak Brownie Junior Six-20.


Some joggers in a park. Photo is taken with LOMO LC-A.

Sun Through the Trees

Could you imagine that behind these trees is the biggest intersection in Tartu? Photo is taken with Zenit 3M.

Summer Night in Park

Summer night’s dream in the winter…

Trees in winter

Second photo from last winter. After the snowfall, almost all world was as black and white as this picture.

Mystical Autumn Sun

This is the first cross processed photo in this blog. Cross processing means that the film is developed in the “wrong” type of chemicals, in this case color…