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Tartu is Sinking

In the center of Tartu a handrail leads to the river.

Pegasus in Water

Stone Pegasus on a parking lot near river Emajõgi standing in the water now. Photo is taken with video camera.

Branches Mirroring on Water

Is it upside down or not?

River on Sidewalk vol 2

Same river Emajõgi, same sidewalk, different angle…

River on Sidewalk

River Emajõgi in Tartu is full of water, so full, that it already floods the sidewalks.

Tree in Water

A wet side of the spring – tree standing in the flood.

Glass Negative

I bought an old Voigtländer today and with camera it came – my very first glass negative. It’s not the best example and probably that’s the reason it…

Sprinkling Can Demonstration

As it seems, the new sprinkling can works just fine. [photodata]

Dance on Water

I’m back from a short holiday and will soon be posting some summer pictures. First one is here. It may look like copy-paste, actually it is as shot….