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Snowy Forest

It’s winter, you know…

Speed Limit vol. 2

A year ago I posted a black and white photo of the same road sign and then one friend requested that the circle on the sign should be…

Happy New Year!

Frosty Straws

Cold Winter Day

HDR version of a small country road at winter.

Winter, Color Negative Film Developed with Coffee

Turns out that first time I used wrong soda for developing. So this is a new try. Still, maybe next time I should try a black and white…

Tree Hugger Cat

This cat was too cute to not to photograph it. Photo is taken with the LOMO 135 M.

Small Street in Tartu

Small street in an old moat in Tartu. The stairs is climbing up to the Toomemägi hill. Photo is taken with the LOMO 135 M.

Tree Behind the University

The biggest problem with vintage cameras is that you may compose a perfect picture in the viewfinder and still you don’t know what you’ll get. I’m sure that…