Former Underground Shelter

I went mushroom picking the other day, but instead of mushrooms I found a former underground shelter. Maybe it’s too late for mushrooms but just the right time for shelters. Since the shelter was in such a bad condition and too big to bring home I took a picture instead. There’s not much left of it, the roof has collapsed and the only part standing as meant to be, is the entrance. If you look carefully you may see it on the right.

The question is who built and used this shelter. For boys it’s too well built and there’s no houses nearby. The other possible explanation is that the shelter belonged to two famous Estonian outlaws, the Voitka brothers. They were wanted for fourteen years, most of it they lived in forests and were finally caught in year 2000.

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  1. That’s crazy! You could walk right over that and not even notice.
    Love the colours, too. Nice shot.

  2. That’s amazing, it would be interesting to learn more about the shelter and what it was actually used for.

    For some reason old shelters in the forest fascinate me.

  3. gabriel cunha

    The shelter is to damaged to consider that it was abandoned in 2000 it would take, in the worst condition, I would say 30 to 50 years to get that rotten and there are pine trees full grown on top of it.
    Were axactly was this photo taken?

  4. The shelter is/was in Estonia, between Otepää and Palupera. Pine trees are growing beside the shelter, not on top of it. The outlaws were living in lot of different places so it’s possible, that they lived there (IF they lived) in 1980s.

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