I’ve found these 120 films from vintage cameras. It’s probably the only way to get these kind of old and already exposed films. The yellow one on the photo, Ilford FP3, was produced until 1968. The left one with wooden spools was made maybe couple of decades earlier. I found it in Balda Juwella and the picture I got from this film is here. The film on the right is probably from seventies and was made in the Sovie Union as the left one.

120 film is today the only medium format film, sometimes aslo referred as to wide format. It is 6 cm wide, it uses spools instead of cassettes and it’s wrapped in paper. On the paper there are frame numbers that you can see through the little red window that medium format cameras have on the back side. Most common frame sizes on 120 film are 4.5×6, 6×6 and 6×9. With frame size 4.5×6 you can take 16 frames per film, with frame 6×9 only 8 frames.